High thermal conductive graphite sheet

  • Accelerate the Development of Production Technology of Graphite to Adapt to the Needs of Markets

    Graphite production

    China has very abundant graphite resources, and its reserves are the number one in the world. After foundation of People’s Republic of China, graphite industry has developed rapidly.

  • Character and Structure of Graphite

    Character and Structure of Graphite

    Graphite is the carbon crystalline mineral. Its crystal flame is hexagon layered lattice. The distance between planes is 3.40A. The distance between two carbon atoms in the same layer is 1.42A.

  • Invention of a process to produce synthetic graphite

    synthetic graphite produce

    A process to make synthetic graphite was invented by Edward Goodrich Acheson (1856–1931). In the mid-1890s, Acheson discovered that overheating carborundum, which he is also credited with discovering, produced almost pure graphite.