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Hard Composite Hard Felt

Composite Hard Felt Composite Hard Felt

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Composite hard felt series PAN-based soft graphite felts are effective materials,is made from  high temprature furnace for heat treatment within 2200°C. then the special adhesive composite carbonization,graphitization.
It has a certain rigidity,Self-supporting,Small specific gravity,No fluff off,Low coefficient of thermal conductivity ,used temperature up to 3200°C.Suitable for high pressure gas quenching furnace,Pressure sintering furnace,Polycrystalline casting furnace fixed,Single-crystal growth furnace (sapphire), and other furnaces.It can provide a variety of shapes flat, disc, drum, etc.Long service life and easy to install demolition.
Most important feature:

higher treatment temperature,Less impurities, high purity (<200ppm)Specially adapted for furnace highly demanding atmosphere .



Technical Specifications:
Packing: wooden or cardboard boxes

Pay attention:

When the temperature exceeds 300°C, Must be at or under an inert gas in a vacuum use, transport,

storage can not pressure, need moisture.It can be cut into any required geometric shape, Cutting required to wear

protective clothing


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