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Pan Graphite Felt

graphite-felt Graphite Felt

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Graphite felt is generated by carbon felt above 2000 degree treatment. In the process of heat treatment, the temperature difference between any two points of the felt is less than 50 degree. The performance index of products is very stable. So far, graphite felt has the best quality in this industry and are massively adopted to the factories with long-term cooperation. There are two types of graphite felt: PAN based graphite felt and viscose based graphite felt, the features are as follows:

Application of graphite felt

1. Aerospace Industry: HIP (hot isostatic press) furnace, heat treatment, sintering, soldering, hot-pressing furnace.
2. Semiconductor Industry: silicon-drawing single-crystal furnace, furnace for gallium and arsenic products.
3. Metal Heat Treatment: heat treatment furnace, sintering furnace, brazing furnace.
4. Carbon Fiber Production: induction heating or resistance furnace, graphitization furnace.
5. Composite Material Production: pyrolytic carbon and pyrolytic graphite chemical vapor deposition or composite materials made of other materials.
6. Energy Material: vanadium or other materials used for redox cells, specification.

Thickness range: 3~10mm

Breadth: < 53”

Length: < 20 yard

Continuous temperature: 1800°C~2500°C


Graphite Felt


I think this is a good choice for you. But if you want to try others. Carbon paper is also a good choice


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