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Braided Carbon Fiber Rope

carbon-fiber-rope Carbon Fiber Rope

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Product features:

Winded by 12k carbon fiber, high strength and light weight, good heat resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, which is an essential ingredient of high temperature furnace insulation material. And it can also be used as conductive electrodes, etc.

Technical indicators:

Carbon content(w%) is greater than or equal to 92%, pulling force(N) is greater than or equal to 400, diameter (mm) 2, 3,4 mm or customized according to customers’ requirements.

Matters Needing Attention While in Use:

When the temperature is over 400°C, the product must be used under a protective atmosphere or in inert gas; in transportation and storage, the product can’t be pressed by heavy weight and is avoided moisture; and the product can be cut according to the needed length.


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