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Large Carbon Paper Sheet

carbon-paper-2 Carbon Paper Sheet

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Gas diffusion layer pretreatment (carbon paper for fuel cell)

Model: HY - C60

Application: The production of gas diffusion layer, conductive material and fuel cell membrane electrode, etc.

Function: good air permeability, good conductivity and good hydrophobicity

Technical parameter :

Maximum size: 500mm × 500mm, 250mm ×250mm, or be cut as customer's request.

Thickness: <0.5mm ± 0.02

Density: 0.35g/cm2

Resistivity: 15Omega±1Omega

Nitrogen rate: 20.0 mm Aq/ mm

Storage requirements:

Fragile, handle with care, no bending, no extrusion, Sealed and stored in a dry and ordinary temperature place away from sunlight.


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