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500KG Intermediate Frequency Melting Furnace

500KG intermediate frequency melting furnace 500KG Intermediate Frequency Melting Furnace

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Brief Description:

This equipment adopts the semiconductor frequency conversion technology to convert the 50Hz power frequency electric power into 1000Hz intermediate frequency electricity. The equipment has the following


1.Covering an small area, easy to be installed;

2.Energy saving: the workpiece itself is hot, without preheating, high power factor?

3.Automatic frequency tracking, automatic impedance matching;

4.The starting current began to rise slowly from the "0", no need to buck the starting cabinet, power can be adjusted continuously;

5. The master control board adopts intelligent control board, and the frequency sweep mode is adopted for starting, the start success rate is ninety-nine percent. Overcurrent, overvoltage and water shortage protection; over pressure, lack of phase, inverter failure protection; Comprehensive rectification and inverter resistance capacity absorption protection.

6. Non high frequency electron radiation;

7.Simple frequency power maintenance?simple intelligent control board maintenance; Line is designed into units and each work unit has its working status and fault display, so maintenance and repair is extremely simple.


Technical specification:

500kg intermediate frequency melting furnace

500kg intermediate frequency melting furnace

500kg intermediate frequency melting furnace


Equipment with warranty for ONE year, except for quick-wearing parts and man-made faults. Free of charge replacement for main control board breakdown within 2 years.

Installation, commissioning, and maintenance:

Equipment instructions, maintenance technical data and maintenance manuals will be provided; We will help to train 1 or 2 your staff for operation and electrical maintenance and will direct the installation and commissioning.


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