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High Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace

High Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace High Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace

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The high vacuum atmosphere furnace is the intermittent induction heating furnace and mainly applied to metallic powder such as carbonized tungsten powder, carbonized titanium powder and carbonized vanadium powder and composite metallic powder in hard alloy and powder metallurgy industries.


1. Adopt a super-high temperature furnace body with the temperature of 2,400°C and meet carbonization heating process of WC powder with small-, medium- and large-sized particles as well as composite materials.

2. A digital-display intelligent temperature control system is adopted, the temperature measurement and the temperature control are full-automatically done in high precision, and the system can raise the temperature according to the set temperature rise curve and can store 20 different process heating curves(total 400 segments).

3. Adopting an internal circulation pure water cooling system, a digital flow rate monitoring system, a high-performance medium-frequency contactor for changing the furnace body and a complete PLC water, electricity and gas automatic control and protection system

4. The equipment can obviously improve carbonization quality. Compared with the traditional carbonized furnaces, the equipment has the advantages of complete reaction, uniform particle size, high content of combined carbon, low content of free carbon, high yield, good working conditions, long service life, etc.

Main Technical Parameters:

1. Max. Operating Temperature: 1800°C , 2300°C

2. High-temperature Area Volume: 0.01m3, 0.02m3, 0.03m3, 0.05m3, 0.1m3, 0.15m3, 0.2m3, 0.3m3

3. Working Atmosphere in Furnace: Hydrogen Gas, Nitrogen Gas, Inert Gases, etc.

4. Temperature Uniformity: less than or equal to ±10°C

Temperature Measurement: Far Infrared Optical

Temperature Measurement Range 800~2400°C or 0~2400°C ;

Temperature Measurement Precision:0.2~0.75%

Temperature Control: Programmed Control and Manual Control

Temperature Control Precision: ±1°C

Limit Temperature Rise Speed: 200°C/m(no-load)

Technical Parameters:



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