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Continous Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

continuous-carbonization-furnace Horizontal Carbonization Furnace

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Our Horizontal carbonization furnace covers many temperature grades including low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. Because of its convenient operation, good temperature measurement precision, excellent workmanship, easy maintenance and complete applicability to carbonization process of carbon fiber and carbon paper, the equipment has won high praise at home and abroad.


Mainly used in the carbonization process of carbon paper and carbon fiber in the process of continuous medium-temperature, high-temperature and super-high temperature.

Operating Temperature : 600-1900°C

Working Atmosphere:

Vacuum Replacement, Nitrogen Gas, Argon Gas Protection (Positive Pressure)

Temperature Measurement:

Thermocouple Temperature Measurement

Temperature Control Precision: ±1°C

Power Adjustment: Phase-shifting Voltage Regulation

Heating Body:

Low temperature—resistance wire; Medium temperature—silicon carbide rod; High temperature—high purity graphite.

Gas Seal:

Adoption of the labyrinth oxygen-removal gas seals distributing in the inlet and outlet.

Protection Device:

Full range of monitoring and control of water, electricity and alarming.



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