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Vertical High-Temperature Graphitization Furnace

high-temperature-graphitization-furnace High-Temperature Graphitization Furnace

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Be widely used in the ultra-high temperature furnace within 3000 degree Celsius for various carbonization and graphitization of carbon material experiments by the pilot production?

Be used for setting the graphitization of Carbon fiber filament and other available materials that can sinter and smelt in carbon environment?

Be used to deal with battery materials, graphite modified, preparation of high modulus fiber, etc.


Maximum operating temperature: 3000°C;
common operating temperature: 2800°C.
Vertical constant temperature zone: Diameter 200×350mm;
Horizontal isothermal region: Diameter 110×900mm.
Temperature uniformity:  is less than or equal to ±15°C; Temperature accuracy : ±1°C


Working atmosphere:

vacuum replacement Ar,N2 protection (slightly pressure)

Temperature measurement:

infrared optical temperature measurement, Testing range 1000—3000°C; measurement accuracy: 0.3%;high-temperature-graphitization-furnace

Related Corollary Equipment:

A power cabinet with a completely sealed dustproof structure is used, so that conductive carbon
fiber and conductive dust are avoided; the cabinet adopts water cooling by its own water and does not make heat exchange with indoor air.Adopting a complete PLC water, electricity and gas automatic control and protection system; realizing sequential control, interlock protection, early warning, alarming, etc. of the devices such as power supply, furnace body, cooling water and protective gas.
With a gas purification device, the oxygen content can be lowered to IPPMV, and the dew point temperature is below -80°C.




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